There’s never a bad time to be riding and working on the trails of the Buffalo River, but April really pulls out all the stops. Blooming wild flowers, rolling creeks and cascading waterfalls work their magic to entice us back out onto the trails, which all need a little spring cleaning.

So, if you were ever a fan of the ” spring green” crayon in the big Crayola box, now would be a good time to join the Buffalo River Back Country Horsemen. Early in April we will spend three days camping and working the trails around North Maumee. Later in the month we will move back up river to Ponca and the Old River Trail. Members, please log in or check the Members Facebook page for ride details. If you are not a member but would like more information about our rides, please contact: ¬†Elaine Appel, 513-477-0598 or Pam Floyd, 870-480-6655