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Arbch Little Buffalo Group Pic 2015

Arbch Little Buffalo Group Pic 2015

Because Trails Worth Having Are Worth Working For, we invite you to join the Buffalo River Chapter Back Country Horsemen of America. Our members work to keep the trails of the upper Buffalo National River (as well as other trails in Arkansas) open to all.  We meet on a regular basis, usually once or twice monthly, to repair and maintain trails and to discuss issues that affect trail access.  Membership meetings are also held on a quarterly basis in Harrison, Arkansas.

Membership in BRCBCH also includes memberships at the state (Arkansas BCH) and national levels. Members receive a quarterly newsletter from BCHA, keeping them informed on issues that affect all equestrian users on public lands and on news from the 29 states represented by BCHA. Because BCHA is a nationally recognized non-profit organization that advocates for the wise, sustainable use of stock in the back country and other public lands, your membership ensures that you have a voice in Washington, D.C. when public access to public lands is at stake.

joke or sleep 687We recognize that not all members can participate in actual trail work, but there are many ways you can support this organization:

  • Working on educational programs
  • Assisting with fund raising activities
  • Being an active member at meetings
  • Building membership
  • Writing letters of support for local and national issues
  • Trail crew support – cooking, camp tending, shuttling members or equipment
  • Working on trail maintenance crews

We welcome new members anytime. (Members renew annually in January .) As a member of BRCBCH you will have access to the Members area of this website, as well as to our Members Facebook page, where you will be kept informed about our work days, camping trips and other great riding opportunities.

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