Trout at the Buffalo? You bet! Trout lilies, that is, along with spring beauties, anemones, and dutchmen’s breeches. Spring will soon be” busting out all over the meadows and the fields” of the Buffalo River, and members of the Buffalo River Back Country Horsemen will be there to meet it.

At about three miles an hour, our pace is perfect for spotting all the early signs of the budding season, even as we cut, clip and saw our way along the trails. Early in the month our March on the Buffalo will take us to Hasty on the middle section of the river. Mid month we’ll move further down river to the Highway 14 bridge. For more information, please contact Elaine Appel, 513-477-0598 or Pam Floyd, 870-480-6655. To join, visit Become A Member on our website.

Hathaway Group Feb 2016